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About Us

Spectrum is an exploratory project that aims at testing how Blockchain based technologies can simplify digital creative assets administration.

Spectrum is a D-DAC (Decentralised Digital Assets Catalogue) that explores sustainable alternatives for resolving digital media industry complexities at the various stage of digital goods life cycle: creation, production, distribution and archiving.

Target audience: Digital creatives (Music, Video, Picture, Gaming, Computer Assisted Design, digital fabrication), creative content production companies, aggregators and distributing agents.


Consolidate digital creative partners and upgrade Spectrum laboratory to a massive proof-of-concept of a D-DAC in relevant operational use-cases, large data acquisition and user feedback to feed-up:

  • Business Modelisation: actors, needs, and capacities, as upgraded specifications for the D-DAC
  • Business Intelligence: tools for managing the D-DAC, from history to statistics – Blockchain explorer for business-suited data mining
  • D-DAC management: define a sustainable model for the D-DAC as an operational, interoperable, decentralised, and community-based digital asset registry.

What we do

We propose a service of exploring how Blockchain can be relevant to Creative Businesses - from proof-of-paternity on creation up to digital creative asset valorization, as well as production process in itself.

  • Aggregation of actors from different digital creative ecosystem: institutional, public and private entities as well as artists and creators, in music, photo, video, gaming, computer assisted manufacturing... industries.
  • Task force aligning business specifications and technological opportunities in corresponding digital environments.
  • Elaboration of new models for digital asset valorization.
  • Study of the relevance of Blockchain as a trusted and efficient tool for sharing data and value in each peculiar context.
  • If interest confirmed: definition, development and analysis of Blockchain-based proof-of-concepts, and scaling-up if applicable.

We are looking for field partners: any actor involved in Creative Business, from solo creator to major company, to explore together the premise of Blockchain and determine where, and how, it can be used as a true data and value management tool in a worldwide context.

Our network of experts make all together a suited environment for modelizing future business ecosystems, defining operational specifications for model testing, and execute related studies and development.

Contact us for more information.

Time line

  • 24 Hrs Electronic, Luxembourg

    Spectrum v0.1: a tool (basic Digital Audio Workstation, or DAW) for simulating co-authoring process in Computer Assisted Music.

  • Sonic Visions Panel, Luxemboug. Presentation: Creativity + Technology = new opportunities?

    Field analysis of digital music creation process

  • EU Creative Hubs network, Edinburgh. Music creators.

    Formalisation of initial digital assets life cycle in music production

  • 10th edition of Luxembourg Intellectual Property Day.

    Technology vs practices: state-of-the-art.

  • 24 Hrs Electronic demo, Luxembourg.

    Spectrum v0.1: connecting to Fablab, a digital asset creator. Sound wave materialized.

  • 1535°C Creative hub demo,Luxembourg.

    Spectrum v0.1: connecting to Fablab, a digital asset creator. Sound wave materialized.

  • Sonic visions demo, Luxembourg. Transforming DRM, from sound to Blockchain.

    Spectrum v0.2: proof-of-concept of a "Push-to-Blockchain" function embedded in a DAW. In the same software:

    • creation is made,
    • meta-data are linked to the creation,
    • resulting digital asset (creation and meta-data) are pushed to the Blockchain in one single touch
    • digital asset can now be worldwidely consulted, traded, downloaded, with proof-of-paternity whitnessed.
  • 11th edition of Luxembourg Intellectual Property Day

    Spectrum v0.2 on Microsoft Surface ©

  • ICT Spring, Luxembourg.

    Spectrum v0.2 – Numerical Arts as a technological laboratory.

    24 Hrs Electronic, Luxembourg

    Flatrunner v0.1 : Getting deeper into Fablab domain, Approaching Video games one, And studying symbiotic Creation process in digital environment:

    • * Multi-player sound game using multiple video environment and touch+gesture for interaction via smartphone. Full synchronization on all using Ableton Link © protocole.
    • * Mixing innovative game design and hardware manufacturing via 3D printing : wearable device for the smartphone.
    • * A digital asset of multiple dimension (game, soundtrack, graphical, wearable), ready for Blockchain-test
  • Sonar+D Market Lab, Barcelona

    Spectrum, a demonstrator of using Blockchain as a D-DAC - Decentralised Digital Assets Catalogue.


Project lead by DX-Studio of Technoport SA in collaboration with:

  • Sonopraxis a digital art & science consultancy company
  • Scrybto the spectrum asset fingerprinting and smart contact management provider
  • Bitbank a Luxembourg Blockchain start-up that builds decentralised applications and provides consultancy services
  • APLA and EGAAS a blockchain platform for organizing economic, public and social activities through smart laws and smart contracts

This collaborative initiative is supported by the Infrachain Network and the Digital Luxembourg.


Contact us

If you have any question on Spectrum, or want to be one of our partner, please feel free to contact us:

You can also write us mail at: contact@spectrumddac.lu

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